Commercial Roofing

JTI Roofing’s team of licensed and insured roof repair and installation technicians are ready to help you with all your roofing needs.

Experienced Residential Roofing Services

We offer a variety of residential roofing services to our customers. Rest assured that we offer the same high-quality work to every job, no matter how small.

New Construction
When you’re first building your home, this is where you have the chance to get it right. We’ll help you through every step of the roofing process.

First, we’ll help you choose the right materials to fit your budget and needs. Asphalt roofing shingles are a common choice because of their durability and budget-friendliness. However, if you want something with more longevity for a legacy home, you might want a longer-lasting roof like high-quality metal.

Once you’ve decided on the type of roof you want, we’ll install it. Count on our roofing experts to turn out quality work with close attention to detail.

Roofs don’t last forever and eventually, your home will need a new one. Sometimes new shingles can simply be installed over the old ones — thus saving you time and money. However, this is only true as long as certain conditions are met.

We’ll tell you if your roof is a good candidate for this or if you are better off tearing off the old roof before installing the new one. In most cases, it will be best to start anew, but we’ll give you an honest answer specific to your situation.

Metal Roofing
Metal roofs are great when you want something with a more unique aesthetic, a material that will last longer than shingles, or prefer to use more sustainable materials. They’re also fire-safe and allow snow to easily slide off the roof, keeping the roof clear and preventing a heavy and dangerous buildup.

Our efficient team will have your new metal roof installed in no time!

Low Slope
If your home can handle it, low slope roofs can be nice for a few reasons. Because of the reduced attic space, homes with low slope roofs tend to offer more efficient heating and cooling. Everybody likes saving money on their energy bills. They are also safer for maintenance.

However, it is crucial that the installation is performed correctly and the right materials are used. Water and debris don’t slide off as easily, quickly leading to leaks in poorly installed low slope roofs.

Did a tree fall on your house or was your roof damaged by a storm? Have one of our roofing experts examine your roof as soon as possible to determine the extent of the damage. We’ll make recommendations about how to repair your roof.

Plus, we’ll help you document the damage properly to make the claim with your insurance company go a whole lot smoother. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to get out of paying claims so it is critical to have your paperwork and proof in order.


Outstanding customer service & professionalism from day one. Steve gave us an estimate the same day we inquired.

Steven O.

They provided an honest assessment of what was required to re-mediate some issues and replace the roofs.

Jean J.

Living in Florida with the start of hurricane season just around the corner, JTI Roofing understood the importance of getting a new roof on my small home.

P.M. - Verified Purchaser